Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maldivian Next Top Model… or is it?

After Pro Models had advertised that they were looking for wannabe models for what might be Maldives’ very first reality show, “Evince Model 2009” or something like that, I had rubbed my hands in glee and thought to myself, “Ooooh this is gonna be good!”

Needless to say all my sisters and female friends all thought the same. So after waiting weeks for the show to start, DhiTV finally aired it last Wednesday night at 12:00am.

After much shoving and pushing for space on the couch we finally settled down for the show right on the dot. And what a show it was! Of coz it was no American Next Top Model. The drama seemed to be missing and the ‘ooomph’ factor from the models as well. I know, I know, height cannot be a factor in a ‘short’ society like our and I’m the last person to harp on about height. :P. But there has to be self confidence and a drive in order to be on a show like this. Otherwise it’s just flat. On your nose flat.

The girls all shuffled in front of the judges; Xee, Suzan, Kiram and another guy (which I’m much too lazy to find out about) and introduced themselves. The girls looked nervous and some looked terrified out of their minds. There were much blushing, much stammering, more blushing, giggling, shuffling to and fro, embarrassingly stiff commercial poses and some more blushing. And the judges didn’t help matters by asking some dumbfoundedly stupid questions which caught the girls off-guard and made them even more nervous than before (if that’s possible).
One of the most highlighted issues the judges posed as questions were: What if your boyfriend was against this? Would you drop out?

At first it was fine and dandy and some of the smart-ass answers from the contestants were actually funny. But later the question just became an irritation. I fail to see it as such a big issue. In fact I think it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Perhaps shouldn’t even be asked. After all it is the girls who are competing. Not the boyfriend. Now if it were a matter of parent’s permission that’s a whole different issue all together.

Although nearly all the contestants were cringe-worthy and embarrassingly shy there was one who stood out – least for me. She came all decked out in a new dress, dolled up and ready to beat out the (non-existent) competition. She looked straight into the eyes of the judges and told them she’ll win this. Plus she also had a good walk. I decided that the show was already over. Give the girl the gifts. She won. Done. Puff. Rifinito.

But then no. Where is the fun in that! The girls had to be driven through muck and mud. In this case the said muck and mud are excessive amount of peroxide, hair bleach, face packs, makeup, lots of blow-drying, hairspray, colour etc etc.

Later the girls were all shown in their before and after state after this makeover session. And ta-daa they all look like CLONES! Same hairdo, same highlighting work. Perhaps a shorter do here, a curly do there would’ve done the trick.

Overall the whole show could’ve been better with just a tad of good editing and a little bit of more drama. And better questions. Hopefully ones that’ll put the girls at ease instead of frightening the daylights out of them. But still you can count on me to catch the next episode. I won’t miss it for the world! :D


Inaya said...

what???? and i missed this??????

millzero said...


bulhaa said...

ive decided to gather up my gand and watch the repeats on saturday!! double the fun!! lol. maybe we'll make popcorn XD

paperclippenny said...

@Inaya there was a repeat on saturday 3:30 in the afternoon. The next episode i think is on wednesday same time.

@millzero hello hello hello

@bulhaa can't garantee saturdays. Might have work

Rankamana said...

damn i missed the fun!!!!! :( gotta search if it's on youtube!

Rankamana said...

damn i missed the fun!!!!! :( gotta search if it's on youtube!

paperclippenny said...

@Rankamana i hear it is on youtube

kaiza shozey said...

well, if it is on youtube i still havent found it. maybe i need different keywords.......oh yea, jes found it :D lets see how it is.

kaiza shozey said...

oh god! that was jes....jes.....i cant even find the words. there were parts of it where i jes couldnt watch anymore and had to skip it, though the show did have its moments. have to totally agree with you on the judge's Qs. Damn! The one i was gonna root for got eliminated due to parent restrictions. my next bets are for Sha and Shaufa. lets see how it goes. i sure hope they come up with better ways to continue the show.

.mini said...

like audition kuri emmen hovunu dho gaaigandakah?
i found no one interesting other than the 16 year old girl
and drama dho, dhen next episode aeema ekameh fennaany

paperclippenny said...

@kaiza shozey i rooted for her as well. She seemed so down to earth and perfect for a model. Too bad about the parents.

@mini I'm glad at least the "actress" didn't get selected. It was almost too much when ran away from the interviewer

The Shadowrunner said...

OMG!. Ahahahaaa!!

... Excuse me while I spy on the haabee circles to see if any fatwas are being planned against the girls.

Hilath said...

Great post Paperclipenny.

A must-see I see!

Maldivians still can't get it out of their heads that girls are individual human beings, not tied permanently to their boyfriends or husbands through an umbilical chord or whatever.

So I guess the presenters were "concerned" that these girls were there "on show" without their "better half" aware about it or even approving it!

millzero said...

Hilath i do agree with you

canofworms said...

Hilath, what you said AND they're incompetent judges and interviewers.

Or maybe they were just trying to find out if them girls were available, eh?

shaari said...

i just watched it on youtube & i'm with you on most of your points: judges' questions didnt really test the candidates; they all looked like clones especially in the summer theme shoot (wait a sec, what's summer got to do with maldives? oh yea we've it all through the year so totally relevant); & the absence of drama (making them live together for 3 months will help in that sense atleast).

but here's where it gets due credit. despite its flaws we're all gonna watch it to its end, simply cos it's the first & only one of its kind in here. this will surely be followed by many similar shows. kudos to the creators for plunging into the worldwide tv phenomenon that is reality.

btw zuma & naby stand out for me so far. gosh, we're already rooting for contestants!

oh & one more thing. let's hope islamic affairs ministry doesnt ban the show halfway through...

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